We have just had a fantastic charity livestream on November 19th! We hosted a 12-hour charity livestream supporting Coalition for Kids, an amazing local children's charity, from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm! Hosted by Michael Trotter-Lawson and Noah Parker, the event featured many members of the Burk team having fun and occasionally suffering for your viewing pleasure.

Michael and Noah have also made a video discussing a bunch of the stream's features and activities below. Plus, consider checking out C4K's work here on their website; they do fantastic work, and we are thrilled to have partnered with them for this event!

We have also made a TeePublic store to coincide with this stream, and it's live through the month of November! All proceeds go to Coalition for Kids, and we have made several designs you may be interested in. In addition to merch specifically for the stream and Burk, there are designs for UT fans, Dolly Parton fans, and more! Check it out here!

Bottomline is that we believe this is a great opportunity to do a lot of good for the kids. Hence the title:                           !!!    

The livestream is over now, but stay tuned for highlights from the stream and more content in the future: youtube.com/@burkit

Happy to say we raised $3,380.73!