Family Feel And Familiar Faces Are Priceless…

The people of Burk I.T. have been the biggest benefit for us. A familiar face and family feel are priceless when you have something bad happen. The family atmosphere is hard for others to compare to. You don’t often get to deal with a company that treats you like part of their family.

If you’re going to hire an IT team, take an hour and go personally visit Burk I.T. Go sit and talk to the staff and employees. These folks are as honest and professional as you will ever find.

Vice President of Information Systems
Citizens Bank

Burk I.T. Is Ahead Of The Game When It Comes To PROACTIVELY Implementing Updates For Better Service And Cyber Security Protection.

Burk I.T. provides peace of mind that our IT needs will be met and that our company data is as safe as possible. If you want EXCELLENT IT service in a timely fashion and a firm that is proactive in implementing updates and staying abreast of possible threats to your system, call Burk I.T.!

Business Manager
McMillin Eye Care

Loyal Client For Over 15 Years!

We’re a small medical practice that is NOT tech savvy – which is why we love working with Burk IT. They make IT easy for us. No matter what the issue, they’re there to help and never talk over my head or make me feel foolish for asking them questions. Their response time to our requests for help is fantastic and we can depend on them to consistently address any problem that arises, which is why we’ve been a loyal client for over 15 years.

Practice Administrator
Psychiatric Associates of Kingsport

Instrumental In Keeping Our Systems Safe And Secure!

Working with Burk I.T. provides peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to worry about the task assigned to them. They are efficient and always have a technician available anytime a need arises. Burk I.T. has been instrumental in keeping our systems working in a safe and secure manner.

Administrative Services Director
Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Loyal Customer Since 1999 – With No Reason To Consider Another IT Firm!

The willingness to understand our business and goals is the biggest benefit of working with Burk I.T. If you’re looking for an IT firm that will work with you or third-party vendors to make sure everything is planned out, explained and implemented, I recommend that you call Burk I.T.! Their staff is knowledgeable and have wide-ranging expertise in the IT industry. Not only will they fix or implement, they’ll teach you along the way.

Network Systems Manager
Stowers Machinery Corporation

Experienced In Many Different Areas Of IT

Their expertise in different areas of technology is what makes Burk I.T. a great resource when it comes to the current pace and complexity of the IT industry. It’s been valuable having them as an advisor in choosing the right networking equipment and to have it configured effectively and securely. Their availability and willingness to perform task during non-production hours and quick response to emergency issues are what sets them apart from other IT firms.

Vice President
Bank of Tennessee

Since Moving To Burk’s Managed Services Program Our IT Department Has Reached Higher Levels Of Security And Functionality As Well As Reducing Costs And Running More Efficiently!

The benefits of working with Burk I.T. are their professional service, personal interactions, quick response times and high-level expertise in multiple IT disciplines. Burk I.T. cares about the relationship and working with them is a true partnership and not just another client relationship. Burk I.T. provides value added opinions and options while walking us through every step of whatever process we undertake. Since moving to Burk’s Managed Services Program our IT department has reached higher levels of security and functionality as well as reducing costs and running more efficiently!

EVP – Chief Operating Officer
First Century Bank