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About Us

For more than 25 years, Burk I.T. and its talented team of engineers, account managers, and administrative staff have brought to bear a combination of technical expertise and business acumen to add value to our clients and their businesses and organizations.  Owned and led by experienced IT professionals, Burk I.T. has defined a clear mission statement that directs and shapes every aspect of our organization - to create trusted relationships with our clients while providing practical, secure I.T. results.


At the heart of all of our IT managed services is a dedication to the principle of proactive IT support and project management.  Burk I.T. strives to detect and resolve I.T. related issues before those issues can affect our clients and their bottom lines.  Our support methodologies and managed services packages are designed to reduce and/or eliminate system and network downtime along with all the costs and penalties associated with lost productivity.


Our engineers and support teams succeed by drawing on years of experience and expertise, and by partnering with industry-leading technology firms such as Fortinet, Cisco Systems, Datto, and Microsoft. In fact, our specialists hold certifications in a variety of disciplines and from a variety of vendors and organizations, including:


Our mission is to create trusted relationships by providing practical, secure, IT results; that’s the Burk I.T. way.

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