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Working with Burk IT has been an absolute pleasure.  Burk IT pursued us for a year before I finally switched to them.  From the very beginning they demonstrated a deep understanding of our unique requirements and challenges.  Their expertise and outstanding service sets them apart from the rest. 

Burk IT seamlessly integrated their solutions into our existing infrastructure and there were no issues as we made the change from our previous IT to Burk IT.


Their team’s professionalism, prompt response, and willingness to go the extra mile have made them a trusted partner for all our IT needs.  Burks ongoing support is invaluable and our staff members are allowed to call and ask questions anytime.  They are ready to assist us, addressing our concerns promptly and effectively.

Burk IT staff is very friendly and it is obvious that they care about Mountain Region Speech & Hearing and our success.”  


Karen Dale
Executive Director
Mountain Region Speech & Hearing

The best thing about working with Burk IT is their proactive approach. As a busy surgery center it is crucial that our internet is running smoothly. With Burk IT, they look at potential problems and fix them proactively. On the rare occasion that we do need assistance they have always stood by their guaranteed 30 minute response time.

They aren’t just a vendor; they are a true partner and we love our account manager!

Natalie Dopirak

Regional Eye Surgery Center

Center Director

The team at Burk I.T. has always been ready to serve us for all of our daily computer issues. We have relied upon the quick response of the help desk IT staff for all of our computer needs over the years. Burk is truly just a quick phone call away to getting problems fixed, without any loss of productive business time.

I just cannot thank Burk I.T. enough for the professional and friendly support in ensuring my department is up and running!

Ambre Torbett
Director of Planning and Codes
Sullivan County Government

The people of Burk I.T. have been the biggest benefit for us. A familiar face and family feel are priceless when you have something bad happen. The family atmosphere is hard for others to compare to. You don’t often get to deal with a company that treats you like part of their family.

If you’re going to hire an IT team, take an hour and go personally visit Burk I.T. Go sit and talk to the staff and employees. These folks are as honest and professional as you will ever find.

Matt Lewis
Vice President of Information Systems
Citizens Bank

We’re a small medical practice that is NOT tech savvy – which is why we love working with Burk IT. They make IT easy for us. No matter what the issue, they’re there to help and never talk over my head or make me feel foolish for asking them questions. Their response time to our requests for help is fantastic and we can depend on them to consistently address any problem that arises, which is why we’ve been a loyal client for over 15 years.

Judy Wampler
Practice Administrator
Psychiatric Associates of Kingsport

The willingness to understand our business and goals is the biggest benefit of working with Burk I.T. If you’re looking for an IT firm that will work with you or third-party vendors to make sure everything is planned out, explained and implemented, I recommend that you call Burk I.T.! Their staff is knowledgeable and have wide-ranging expertise in the IT industry. Not only will they fix or implement, they’ll teach you along the way.

Scott Barnard
Network Systems Manager
Stowers Machinery Corporation

We have tremendously enjoyed and benefitted from our relationship with Burk I.T. The various members of their team bring different skill sets and abilities which would be difficult to find in one person. From dealing with telecom spends to evaluating network performance to writing detailed policies, these people are experts. And, they are the nicest people to work with!

Paige Hull
CEO and President
Andrew Johnson Bank

One of the concerns we had when considering switching to Burk I.T. was response time. Our IT function was in house, so the thought of getting IT help from someone two hours away seemed inefficient and inconvenient. But after considering the cost of internal IT and the trouble of finding qualified IT employees, we decided we would give Burk I.T. a chance. The move has worked out better than expected. Before Burk, we often found it difficult to locate our IT guys (two), they may be at lunch, on vacation, or busy traveling between branches. Now, with Burk, a qualified technician is always available. The staff is knowledgeable and can easily correct issues, often times accessing my computer through VPN for a quick resolution. We are very pleased with Burk I.T.

Rob Barger
CEO and President
First Century Bank

Burk IT is exactly what we hoped for when we decided to search for an IT partner who understands the complexity of our business and can meet our needs with outstanding customer service. We have absolute confidence that our hardware/software is protected, within compliance, and optimized to our specific needs. What separates Burk IT from the rest is their responsiveness to any issues that impact our operations. It’s great to have the right IT protection, but it’s a truly valuable partnership when they respond as quickly as they do in such a professional manner. They collaborate with us on every IT need, whether small or large and always explain things clearly and concisely. Their (Quarterly Business Review) QBR is insightful and reinforces their commitment to be a partner and not just a service provider.

Daniel M. Tackling
Director of Operations
Associated Oral & Implant Surgeons

Burk I.T. provides peace of mind that our IT needs will be met and that our company data is as safe as possible. If you want EXCELLENT IT service in a timely fashion and a firm that is proactive in implementing updates and staying abreast of possible threats to your system, call Burk I.T.!

Conti McMillin
Business Manager
McMillin Eye Care

Working with Burk I.T. provides peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to worry about the task assigned to them. They are efficient and always have a technician available anytime a need arises.

Rick Hawkins
Administrative Services Director
Washington County Sheriff’s Office

The benefits of working with Burk I.T. are their professional service, personal interactions, quick response times and high-level expertise in multiple IT disciplines. Burk I.T. cares about the relationship and working with them is a true partnership and not just another client relationship. Burk I.T. provides value added opinions and options while walking us through every step of whatever process we undertake. Since moving to Burk’s Managed Services Program our IT department has reached higher levels of security and functionality as well as reducing costs and running more efficiently!

Wesley Minton
EVP – Chief Operating Officer
First Century Bank
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